With over 15 years of experience as a grant writer as well as experience managing a grant making program, Kelley O'Brien understands what makes grant proposals strong: Strong grant proposals are well written. Strong grant proposals have clear program plans. And strong proposals follow directions. 

In her seven years as director of the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium, Kelley secured nearly $1.5 million in grants from foundations, government agencies, and professional organizations. As a grant writing consultant, Kelley has secured over $5.1 million in public and private grants. She has written successful grant proposals to state, local, and national foundations as well as federal agencies including the US Department of Education, US Department of Energy, and Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


A solid plan is the heart of a strong program (and a strong organization). Whether planning a program or initiative that will be part of a grant proposal or one that will be funded through other sources, Kelley can help you think strategically about program implementation--articulating your theory of change and connecting program inputs to your long- and short-term outcomes.